Amsterdam Warehouse Company originated from Peeters Vervoercentrale and Peeters Global Logistics. Peeters Vervoercentrale is a transport company with over 50 years of experience in logistics. And Peeters Global Logistics is known for its expertise in international excise transporting with customers all over the world. So you understand, we can handle all your logistical issues.


Intricate distribution

We specialize in intricate, urban distribution. We have about 40 trucks across the Netherlands and are well known in the inner-cities. Next to our conventional trucks, we also have two 100% electric trucks and several electric vans delivering goods.


We are the most flexible in the following transport regions: Noord-Holland, Zuid-Holland, Utrecht and Flevoland. Besides our standard 24-hours delivery throughout the Benelux, we also offer a Same Day Delivery Service for these regions. Orders that have been placed and picked before 11.00 AM will be delivered to your customers the same day. We see a big increase in this service, especially by our customers in the hotel and catering industry.



Besides our own fleet of trucks, we have 4 partners in the Benelux. We exchange goods with all these partners and all our systems are connected to each other. Because of this, real-time status information is available all the time. Furthermore, we are part of a European distribution network which means we always have direct contact with the delivery and stocking depots. This is ideal when working with time critical shipments and shipments under suspension of excise duty for which you always have to communicate the license plates in advance. When handling large volumes, we use our own equipment or charters controlled by us. 


Specialty: Liquor Logistics

Regardless of the quantity or whether you transport wine, beer or spirits, we make sure the transport goes smoothly. Because we work for importers and traders from different European countries, our knowledge goes way beyond the transporting to and from the Netherlands.


  • Checking of Excise permit in SEED.
  • Checking if goods are ready for transport.
  • Drafting an EMCS document or providing third parties with relevant data.
  • Movement Guarantees for import from the UK.

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