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You can stop your search! At Amsterdam Warehouse Company, we do not only provide storage for duty paid goods, we also offer the possibility to store your goods under bond. What advantages does this have for you? First and biggest, you will not have to pay all the duties and/or excises all at once. Second, your entire administrative bookkeeping will be taken care of by us. Last, you only pay the excises over your goods, once the goods are actually sold to the end customer. Pretty ideal!


Fiscal representation

As your fiscal representative, we will take care of the tax registration forms. Over the years we gained a lot of experience in representing brands/distributors in the fields of Soda, Wine, Beer and Spirits



Due to our experience in the drinks industry we can offer tailor-made services for you to all other bonded warehouse in Europe. As a result we can offer the best logistic services against very comfortable rates.

  • Movement guarantee


Value added logistics (VAL)

We provide sereral VAL activities to our customers to provide a complete logistics package.
We can provide you with the following activities:

  • Order picking
    • Picking is possible with your smallest selling unit
  • Loading and unloading of containers
  • Applying duty stamps
  • Duty drawback
  • Labelling
  • E-commerce
  • Customer portal accessible via app
    • 24/7 up to date
    • Order entry
    • Stock levels
    • Transport T&T
  • Photo of loading/unloading goods

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Our team is young and ambitious. With our years of experience in similar fields, we can offer you the best solution for your products.

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