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At Amsterdam Warehouse Company, we believe in connecting with each other. We don’t simply transport your goods from point A to B or just do order picking. No, we help your company grow and move forwards, both literally and figuratively. The biggest trend in logistics at the moment is the following: ‘The clients expectation is getting bigger and bigger’. Not coincidentally, this text is written on our wall, and written below is: ‘Then we will do even better!’.


The more you expect of us, the more we try to exceed your expectations. That is who we are.


At the moment, we supply 300 companies in the hotel and catering industry in the Netherlands and Europe on a daily basis. We have storage capacity for 10.000 pallets and because of our progressive thinking we are growing in a fast pace. Every single day.

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We’ll keep it short. Our focus is on the future.

Peeters Vervoercentrale was founded in 1964 by Peeters senior in Amsterdam. Since then, a lot has changed. Two of his sons have continued the company and expanded it to the flourishing enterprise it is today. Nowadays, the transporting company is market leader in Amsterdam and warehousing has been one of our key activities for years.


We are here to exceed our customer’s expectations. Because of this, and due to high demand, we have separated the warehouse division from the transport division. With the new independently growing warehousing activities comes our new identity: the Amsterdam Warehouse Company.


We have started an eco-friendly form of distribution in the city center of Amsterdam. Your goods will be delivered to your clients by electric truck.

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